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Our Capstone Design program sponsors represent a broad cross section of industry and government including companies in the manufacturing, construction, health care, education, aerospace, and defense markets. Their funding and guidance during a project are invaluable to its success.

A sponsor benefits by having their important engineering problem be the top priority of a student team. Often these projects are ones the sponsor may not have the time or resources to pursue internally. Having a committed student team dedicated to the project provides the sponsor with a rapid and very cost effective solution.

Projects are much more likely to be successful when sponsors are involved with the project outcome. Sponsors provide the critical insights that help to insure the project meets the design requirements. This begins with a sponsor generated requirements document describing the desired results and continues as the sponsor remains involved in the project review process.

The sponsor retains all intellectual property and product rights for their project. The one page sponsorship agreement describes the sponsor’s benefits and commitments. We encourage interested sponsors to contact us at to set up a time to talk about their project and how best to schedule its inclusion in the program.

We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors for their support! Some of our current sponsors include: