General Information

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Department Overview

We believe we have a story of excellence. We are one of the university’s largest departments—second largest in terms of student numbers. Our faculty members are dedicated to award winning teaching and incorporating current research into the classroom. We have exciting senior design projects, a history of student success, and successful alumni. MAE is consistently well represented in the College of Engineering awards—for five years in a row (2009-2013) MAE’s Outstanding Teacher has been selected as the college’s Outstanding Teacher. Also, the college's Outstanding Advisor has been an MAE faculty member twice in the last five years (2009, 2010).

MAE offers curricula for BS, MS, ME and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering and an MS degree in Aerospace Engineering. Our growing expertise in nuclear energy engineering has also produced student opportunity to learn at national labs and on campus with some of the top nuclear researchers in the nation. The department has grown beyond 700 undergraduate students, 28 MS, and 26 PhD students along with 15 FTE faculty and 5 staff members. With our growth and competitive nature has come recognition—MAE graduates consistently finish in the top 10% in intercollegiate national student design competitions, pursue PhD degrees at prestigious institutions, and are well received by industry. New opportunities to strengthen MAE’s commitment to excellence and forward vision have come from growth in several areas:

  •  Student enrollment has increased by 25% over the past five years and 47% over the past seven years.
  •  Faculty research productivity as measured by research publications, winning research grants, patent applications, and students involved in research has more than doubled.
  •  Four fifths of MAE’s tenured/tenure track professors have been hired since 2001.
  •  The new engineering building is an exceptional student centered teaching facility.