PHD Student Workshops

MAE's PHD student workshops cover a broad range of topics in order to familiarize PhD students with topics outside their traditional area of interest.   Workshops generally start at 4:30 PM, last about 2 hours, and are followed by pizza and discussion with fellow students and MAE faculty.  

2015- 2016 Workshop schedule

Date Workshop Name Instructor Location Time
Fall 2016 Photographic techniques to highlight your research Truscott ENGR 326 4:30PM
04/07/2016 Business and Engineering Dixon Nielson ENGR 326 4:30PM
04/05/2016 PhD Job Search (with Panel) Ryan Berke ENGR 413A 4:30PM
Labview for Analog Measurements and Data Analysis Whitmore ENGR 419G 4:30PM
12/02/2015 Typesetting/Plotting Quinn/Others ENGR 307 4:30PM
11/11/2015 Kalman Filtering Kohei ENGR 307 4:30PM
10/27/2015 Digital Image Correlation Berke IS101E 4:30PM
10/13/2015 Stereo Imaging Truscott ENGR 204  4:30PM
09/29/2015 Particle Image Velocimetry Smith EL 43 4:30PM