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John Devitry

John Devitry

Adjunct Faculty
MAE Department: Adjunct Faculty
Location:  SDL B217
Office Phone:  435-797-4075

John Devitry is an Adjunct Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and is the CAD administrator at the Space Dynamics Lab. Before joining SDL he worked for UGS PLM Solutions as the Western US Regional Lead Application Engineer and prior to UGS he worked for 3D Systems, promoting rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technologies visiting 100's of leading design and manufacturing companies around the world. He holds 3 patents developing the product from concept to market, selling the patent rights to independent investors.John enjoys writing and has published 3 articles in BYU Studies. In an earlier life he played full time as a circuit guitarist in Australia. His CD "There is a Place" is scheduled for release Mid Summer 2006.