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Changjin Choi

Changjin  Choi

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

PhD Student

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Thermal Properties of Nanostructure Materials Major Professor: Dr. Nick Robert


Thermoelectrics provide a method for power generation from the recapture of waste heat. Currently, the high cost and low efficiency of thermoelectrics keeps them from being a competitive method. In the past several decades, the research community has been focused on improving the efficiency of thermoelectrics by reducing the thermal conductivity (therefore reducing parasitic thermal loss) through nanostructuring, but only recently has the community looked into producing low cost methods for producing nanostructured materials.

Molecular dynamics simulation provide a method for efficient exploration of complex material systems as well as systems that can not be studied experimentally. This method allows for the study of a wide range of systems for model development or for focusing experimental endevors. Specifically the molecular dynamics simulation can be used to study thermal transport using non-equilibrium and equilibrium approaches by directly applying a temperature gradient or investigating atomic motion, respectively.

I am using molecular dynamics simulations to study the thermal transport properties of Si/Ge core-shell nanostructures for applications in thermoelectric energy conversion with a focus on materials that can be produced using a scalable manufacturing technique.