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Dayakar Naik Lavadiya

Dayakar Naik  Lavadiya

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

PhD Student

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Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Bio-Composite: Its Processing and Determining the effective Properties of Composite. Major Professor:  Dr.Thomas Fronk


The automotive and aerospace industries focus on using light weight and high strength materials. Thereby emerging an abundant use of composites in these sectors. Synthetic composites are not biodegradable and cause adverse effects on the environment. This is why we are looking for alternatives to these synthetic composites in terms of comparable stiffness and strength, cost effectiveness, and bio-biodegradability resulted in use of natural fibers (hemp, flax, kenaf etc) as reinforcement in composite.

As the kenaf natural fibers exhibit variation in its physical structure, mechanical properties, and strength depending upon various processing parameters, there is a need to obtain optimum processing parameters and manufacturing techniques resulting in composites with effective properties that can be used in structural application. Effective properties are determined by micro-mechanical modeling of the composite.