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MAE Capstone Design

Senior design photo

The two semester Capstone program (MAE 4800 and 4810) provides an opportunity for students to solve real engineering problems while working closely with faculty and industry sponsors. Sponsors provide the requirements and funding, faculty provide overall project guidance, management, and mentorship, and students provide the solutions.

The overall program goal is to improve student’s “design to realization” skills. The primary objectives are for students to become well acquainted with an applied hands-on understanding of engineering principals and for sponsors to receive solutions to engineer problems that meet and often exceed their requirements. To assist in meeting those objectives, student progress is closely monitored through lectures, lab sessions, formal design reviews, informal meetings, oral presentations, and notebook checks. An added benefit to the program is that students often create connections with sponsors that last well beyond the two semesters.

The program incorporates the use of cutting edge modeling and management software to help familiarize students with some of the tools they will likely encounter during their careers.

If required, multidisciplinary teams can be formed comprised of students and faculty from Biological Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Business, and other departments.