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Aerospace Engineering MS

For the AEEN_MS, students complete core aerospace coursework and technical electives in aerospace related areas. Students choose one of three plan options to complete the degree. All graduate students must complete School of Graduate Studies' (RGS) forms and requirements for their chosen plan.

Plan A Thesis - 30 credits

Students complete research on an approved topic, and write and defend a thesis documenting the research and conclusions reached.

  • Coursework (24 credits):
    • 12 credits Aero Core
    • 3 credits advanced Math
    • 9 credits technical electives
  • Research: 6 credits MAE 6970
  • Thesis Proposal
  • Final Thesis Defense

AEEN_MS-A Program Checklist

Plan B Report - 30 credits

Students complete an approved project and write and defend a report documenting the work done and conclusions reached.

  • Coursework (27 credits):
    • 15 credits Aero Core
    • 3 credits advanced Math
    • 9 credits technical electives
  • Project: 3 credits MAE 6950
  • Project Proposal
  • Final Report Defense

AEEN_MS-B Program Checklist

Plan C Coursework - 33 credits

Students complete coursework to satisfy degree requirements.

  • Coursework (33 credits):
    • 15 credits Aero Core
    •  3 credits advanced Math
    • 15 credits technical electives

AEEN_MS-C Program Checklist