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Joining ASME is Easy!

Perks for joining ASME are: 

  • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • ASME SmartBrief, a daily summary of essential engineering news
  • e-Library with over 100 volumes, many with interactive tables & digitized graphs
  • ME magazine subscription
  • One free technical division membership
  • Job board including jobs and internships
  • e-Mentoring
  • Networking in-person and online
  • Online member directory of mechanical engineers
  • Student competitions
  • Email:
  • Group insurance at great rates

 Follow the instructions to join ASME: 

 Click JOIN to open the "Joining ASME" page. Start by pressing the blue "Join Now" button. Follow the instructions to create an account. 
Join 1

When you get to the “Membership Questionnaire” page, select "Yes" for student. Membership with ASME costs $25 a year, but if you select freshman, you get one year free, so if this is your first year with ASME it is suggested you select freshman. If freshman is selected, under "Membership Type" select "Free Limited Student Membership Option." This ensures that you will not have to pay for your first year as an ASME member.

Join 2

At the end, be sure to select “Utah State Univ” as your school so that you will be counted as a member at USU.

Join 3

To get notification for Utah State University's ASME events, sign up here and come enjoy the events!