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Pumpkin Toss

The Pumpkin Toss is an annual competition for university students, high school students, and community members to test who can make the best trebuchet. A trebuchet is a medieval weapon of war used to launch projectiles. Today, the device is a great example of how the principles of engineering and physics can be used to build a powerful machine. For this competition, teams will build a trebuchet to throw pumpkins across a field at given targets. Teams will be scored based on accuracy, distance, and mechanical design. This event is open to college and high school science students as well as anyone from the community interested in participating. Whether you want to join a team or watch the toss, all are invited.

2018 Pumpkin Toss:
October 27, 2018 
11:00 am
Elk Ridge Park 
1190 E 2500 N, Logan, UT 84341

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