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How to Apply for a Graduate Program with MAE

We welcome prospective students to submit applications through the USU Graduate School. Applications are reviewed by the MAE admissions committee until there are no longer any available seats. Incomplete applications will not be submitted to or reviewed by our admissions committee.

APPLICATION DEADLINES Fall Semester Spring Semester
Applicants Interested in Funding Consideration 20 February 1 August
Late Deadline, No Funding Consideration Available 20 March 1 September


Master's and PhD Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet minimum requirements and complete application by deadline.  If you would prefer a hard copy of the requirements, please download our MAE Admissions Checklist.


  • Bachelor’s from accredited institution in mechanical or aerospace engineering, or closely related engineering discipline.
  • Admission for closely related engineering disciplines will depend on remedial/prerequisite coursework needed
    • If prerequisites will take more than a semester to complete, application as a Second Bachelor's will be recommended to complete prerequisites.
    • If prerequisites will be 12 credits or less, admission may be conditional or on a non-matriculated status until all prerequisites are completed.
  • Programming languages: well acquainted with FORTRAN, C, or MATLAB.
  • Admissions GPA ≥ 3.30. Calculated using all grades* from semesters or quarters covering last 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits. *Grade used for repeated courses will be average of the excluded (E) and included (I) grades.
  • GRE scores: Quantitative ≥ 70th percentile, and Verbal ≥ 40th percentile. USU's Testing Services provides info about the GRE and taking it at USU. Official GRE scores must be sent to USU's School of Graduate Studies - institutional code 4857. Do not request scores be sent to the MAE Department.
  • International students have additional requirements.


Applications must be complete and all application materials received by the deadline dates.

  • Fall semester - February 20th
  • Spring semester - August 1st
  • Domestic applications accepted after deadlines, but not considered for financial assistance.
  • International applications accepted only at deadline dates.


Applications must be complete and all application materials received by the deadline dates.

  • Apply online and complete all steps. Incomplete applications are not reviewed for admission.
  • USU undergraduate MAE students do not need to submit letters of recommendation; enter 'USU MAE' for contact name and email.
  • Email questions about your application status or the application process to

Admissions decisions

  • Completed applications are reviewed by the MAE Graduate Committee.
  • Applicants will be emailed the committee’s admission decision.
  • Admittance does not guarantee financial assistance (including assistantships or tuition awards and waivers).

Financial Assistance

  • Research Assistantships are offered by faculty. Visit the Research page for a list of faculty by research area and links to their webpages where they advertise research assistantship positions.
  • Preference is usually given to qualified PhD applicants with excellent grades, high GRE scores, and research experience matching faculty needs.
  • Fellowships are another possible source of funding for graduate studies.
  • To be eligible for Tuition awards and waivers you must be funded by a .5 FTE assistantship, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and be enrolled full-time.
    • PhD students meeting the eligibility requirements will receive full tuition.
    • MS Plan A studentsmeeting the eligibility requirements will receive a waiver of the non-resident portion of their tuition.


  • If your application is not yet complete, please email questions regarding the status of your application or the application process to
  • Questions about any other information on this page should be emailed to

Accelerated BS/MS

The program allows eligible USU Mechanical Engineering BS students to begin taking courses for a MS while completing the senior year. This makes it possible to complete a MS (Plan C) in as little as one year after finishing BS degree requirements.

Program benefits include:

  • Two BS technical elective courses (7 credits max) count towards the MS degree.
  • Starting MS research projects during the BS senior year.
  • Graduate research or project experience can lead to better career opportunities.
  • MS graduates typically earn higher starting salaries compared to BS graduates.

How the program works

Juniors who have asked to be considered for the program are notified of their eligibility at the end of junior year. Eligible students who want to participate must take the GRE and complete the application for graduate admission before the end of the first semester of senior year. At the start of the final senior semester, students apply for BS graduation and choose two senior tech electives to count as graduate credits for the MS. The BS degree is awarded when all BS requirements are complete. Students may then take up to three years to complete the MS degree, and during this time pay graduate tuition. Failure to complete the MS within three years will result in termination from the program and BS tech electives not counting as graduate credits. BS tech electives designated graduate credits are not transferable to other graduate programs.


Eligibility is determined at the end of junior year, and requires: 

  • Overall GPA and admission GPA of 3.5 or above. The admission GPA is calculated using all grades* from semesters or quarters covering last 60 semester credits. *The grade used for repeated courses will be the average of the excluded (E) and included (I) grades.
  • Completed 90 credits of MEEN BS degree requirements.

To find out if you are a candidate for the program, your eligibility (GPA and completion of junior year) needs to be verified by the MAE department.

Email the following info to the MAE Grad Advisor (Lindi Brown) before the end of junior year:

  • Subject:  Accelerated BS/MS Eligibility
  • Name and A#
  • Semester completing junior year
  • Semester normally completing BS degree

You will be notified by email as to whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements, and if you should complete the admissions process below.


Students who are notified they are eligible need to complete 1 - 3 (below) before the end of the first semester of senior year:

  1. Apply online for admission to USU’s School of Graduate Studies.
    • Request admission for first semester (fall or spring) immediately following senior year.
    • Recommenders are not required; leave blank.
    • Answer yes when aksed if you are a Concurrent BS/Masters applicant 
  2. Take the GRE General Exam
    • Minimum scores: Quantitative - 70th percentile, and Verbal - 40th percentile.
    • Analytical section not required, but you should complete it.
    • Prepare to do your best!
  3. During first semester of senior year, meet with the MAE Grad Advisor to complete a split form for the BS tech electives that will count as graduate credits, and to review MS program requirements.

Eligiblity to Admissions Timeline

Steps Deadline Requirement
Eligibility verified End of Junior year (90 credits of MEEN_BS completed) Cumulative and admission* GPA of 3.5 or above
Take the GRE Before end of first semester of senior year Minimum scores: Quantitative - 70th percentile, and Verbal - 40th percentile.
Apply for MS graduate admission Complete by end of first semester of senior year
  • Request admission for first semester (fall or spring) immediately following senior year
  • Recommenders not required
  • Indicate you are applying for the accelerated BS/MS.
Apply for BS graduation At start of last BS semester Meet with BS advisor
Meet with MAE Grad Advisor During first semester of the Senior year Complete Split forms and start MS degree checklist